Summer Movies;which ones i adored

hello, how are you? nice to see you. how have you been? thanks for joining me again, if this is your first visit then nice to meet you (and please enjoy my previous blog after you’ve finished here). so my next (second) blog is all about movies i saw over the summer, if you didn’t get that from the title. Anyone that knows me could for sure tell you that i am one of the biggest film fanatics there is, like in all seriousness i go the cinema once a week maybe even twice if there are enough films to see ( i know that seems expensive and i’m a student so it would be if i didn’t have a cineworld unlimited card)other cinemas are available).

so over the summer i saw many a film. my favourites included; Dunkirk, Spider-man homecoming, Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2, Snatched, Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and Detroit. i know Detroit only just came out but i saw it in my summer holidays so i’m counting it as a summer film people, back off!

Lets start with quite possibly one of my favourite films of the whole year; Spider-man. Okay so here it goes i am such a big almighty fan of Spider-man, like he is my favourite super hero hands down like i actually don’t like any other super hero film until Guardians of the Galaxy came out. i just love that fact that Spider-man is like teenage boy who still goes to school, has homework to do, has had a pretty tough life losing his parents and he doesn’t come from outer space or is super rich and then he gets bit by a spider and becomes this incredible super hero who has the whole of New York in his hands. i do have to say when i was in New York this year i majorly freaked out on the ‘spider-man steps’ at Times Square (you know the red ones from Amazing Spider-man 1.

Anywayyy, so when i found out they were doing a new Spider-man franchise i at first was quite disappointed because of my forever lasting love for Andrew Garfield and how amazing i thought he was at being Spider-man, but i kept positive and tried to picture a new Spider-man. Ding-dong along comes Tom Holland, woohoo. i mean jesus christ he is lovely to look at and a wonderful actor (the impossible is such an amazing film, tom is like 10 and is truly incredible, please watch if you haven’t already) so i felt slightly better about losing andrew as Spider-man. so as it got close to release date i got more and more excited (to say the least) i was on official countdown and let me tell you i was not disappointed. in the end i saw the film 3 times. which to be honest i thought was quite reasonable, all things considered. the question you might be asking is who do i think is the best Spider-man; toby maguire, andrew garfield or tom holland? to be honest i couldnt pick. toby=brilliant peter parker, andrew= amazing (see what i did there) at both and then i dont feel you can compare tom because he has the avengers and is like playing a younger aged character. but i still feel like andrew has the upper hand because he is the Spider-man i kinda fell in love with i guess.

next film (i’m not going do every film because i didn’t realise how much i wanted to talk about Spider-man). my next film is of course *drum roll* Dunkirk. Oh my goodness what an amazing film, now i have to be honest war films are normally not my thing as i don’t really enjoy the violence in them but this film was so incredible and i loved how ‘community heroism’ was such a huge part of the film. everything about the film made me feel like i was right there on the beach with them. even the soundtrack to the movie was so intense and real and raw it created the sense that i was in the middle of this battle to get home. in all seriousness i’m a bit of a 1D fan (by bit i mean like their whole career i’ve been screaming for the side lines and have devoted a lot of time into them, that i probably should’ve spent doing homework or doing sports) so granted when i first heard harry styles was in the film i was very keen to see it, however i did my research about the ‘Battle of Dunkirk’ and was then even more so excited to see the film. oh and harry was pretty amazing by the way like lets be serious he was wonderful and the lead finn whitehead was also incredible and i’m now a huge fan of his and can not wait to see where his career takes him in the near future. i will be standing at the sidelines screaming for him too. so yes this film is well worth a dvd purchase.

Snatched was brilliant, funny and witty. Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn were wonderfully paired and made me and my mother cry with laughter. Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 was also so so funny and even better the vol.1, which i thought would be very hard to do. i love these films and did a little cheer of happiness in the cinema when the screen read ‘guardians of the galaxy will return’. i’m very excited for the next film. Detroit i thought was incredible, i didn’t realise there would be so much real footage (i’m not sure if that’s the technical term but hey lets go with it). although the film was very long and had a lot of different parts to the film, it was very eye opening and very interesting to see what actually happened to the people in Detroit.

Pirates of the Caribbean did not disappoint, the franchise are my favourite live-action Disney films and i just adore Johnny Depp. i really loved the film and thought the new cast members that joined the crew (Kaya Scodelario and Brenton Thwaites) were bloody great. i really wanted to make a pirate joke during this part but i didn’t happen, please feel my physical and emotional pain.

so yes pretty amazing summer for films, actually i think one of the bestest ever. i really enjoyed doing some film reviews so yes i may do this again. not so many in one go though because jesus christ that was a lot of typing :/. thank you ever so much for reading please tell your friends and dogs about me and pass around the good word.

regards, FAYELOVES

p.s. if you haven’t yet please google Tom Holland and watch The Impossible, you will not be disappointed with either, thank you .x


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