First blog. Here it goes…

Hello, how are you ? good, not good, terrible, best day ever ? Well i’m sorry to say but i don’t think what you’re about to read is going to be much help. woah, hold there a second i seriously need to start being more positive and stop doubting myself and you know what i believe we all need to as well. so you and me lets vow together to not doubt one’s self ever again, well we can vow to try at least. This blog is (fingers crossed) exactly what you’ve been waiting for your whole entire life.

Perhaps you’ve been waiting for an 18 year old girl who not only has an unhealthy obsession with pugs and a forever lasting love for skinny jean wearing musical artists (or GODS as i ever so frequently refer to them) and who also who has a strong love for Zac Efron, i mean who doesn’t!

But an 18 year old girl who is about to start university and has no bloody clue what the hell on earth she is doing, like in all complete seriousness i definitely should have not left home yet. For example, whilst on holiday (this year at the ripe age of 18) i stabbed myself with a fork! Long story short, it fell off the table onto what i thought was the floor. My razor sharp reflexes tried to catch it before it hit the ground(1. because somehow i thought i had a chance in hell of catching it even though my secondary school physical education record would prove different. 2.i have major anxiety issues and everyone seeing and hearing my fork fall and then having to ask for a new fork would have been beyond embarrassing and i would’ve ran far from the restaurant faster than Usain Bolt on the 100m to be exact). But unknowing to me my fork had not fallen to the ground, oh no it had only fallen onto my chair. Pricks facing upward. So, of course, i plummeted the palm of my hand into the prickly end of the fork causing instant pain, my mothers instant laughter, a considerable amount of bleeding and a small scar that is still present over a month later.

What i’m basically to say is whatever day you’re having, i could maybe create a smile or a small giggle, if you end up on the floor crying with silent laughter then you’re very welcome my dear friend. Are we friends? Are we BFFs? i’m not sure you can just send me a friendship bracelet/charm and let me know.

That was very long and i’m sorry for any time i may have wasted, but please continue to enjoy your day as i too have wasted my day writing this. So we’re even.

regards, FAYELOVES .x

p.s. all friendship bracelets/charms should be sent to the following address;

joking i’m not giving you my address, i’ve seen what happens when people do that.


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